A Humble Guide to the Importance of PR Crisis and Corporate Reputation

There’s a joke about a comedians’ convention in Las Vegas. These joke-tellers know the standard one-liners so well they don’t bother reciting them. Instead of providing a set-up and punchline, the comedians simply refer to a particular joke with a number. 

So, the keynote speaker/comedian goes on stage to do her set as the convention’s first lunch speaker. She leans into the microphone and says, “61.” The comics roar. “23.” Another chorus of laughter. 31 has her fellow comics doubled over. 

A younger comedian takes the stage next. It’s his first time at the convention. With energy he says, “19.” Nothing. A bit shaken, he next calls out, “37.” Again, crickets. Dejected, he leaves the stage.

When he reaches his table, he turns to his right and asks a veteran comic, “What happened? Why did I bomb?” The older entertainer responds, “You didn’t tell ‘em right.” 


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