A Law Firm’s Recruiting Videos Show Lawyers Are People Too

The video begins. We see a woman dressed in black sitting in a white leather chair in an all-black room. She’s brushing lint off her dress and seems unaware that we’re watching her. Soft music plays in the background. The screen fades to black, and then the words “Conversations That Matter” appear in a thin, white font. In the next frame the woman is back on screen. “I love really, really well,” she says with sincerity, but not overly emotionally. “I know how to love someone, whether it’s loving my neighbor or the supermarket cashier, I give love a lot.” It’s a tantalizingly human experience. And it’s a recruiting video…for a law firm.
The Issue
With a few exceptions, law firms aren’t known for their flamboyance. “The legal space is extremely slow to adapt on the business-of-law side,” says Thomas Choberka, chief marketing & business development officer at Kelley Kronenberg, a law firm with offices in Florida and Chicago.


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