Course Correction: How JetBlue Revamped Its CSR Route Map

Tamara Young, Manager, Corporate Comms,  JetBlue

Corporate social responsibility has been evolving for quite some time, moving from pure philanthropic efforts to a fully ingrained way of doing business. Today, companies most respected for CSR listen to the needs of their customers and employees, making responsible practices a core part of their brands, products and customer experience.

In JetBlue’s early years, its CSR programs sometimes resonated with customers and within communities. With so many causes worthy of attention and support, JetBlue tried to support everything that was brought to its attention, and in turn its CSR effort was stretched thin. It failed to make the impact it was seeking. Why? Part of the answer is that it was not listening to stakeholders.
Singing The CSR Blues
As the airline began to grow rapidly, and its route network included an even broader range of communities, JetBlue decided it was time to reevaluate and reassess its CSR programs. It needed to do CSR ina “blue” way.

So JetBlue’s CSR and Communications teams regrouped to revamp its CSR platform into one that resonated with the community, which in turn created customer loyalty and engaged employees.

JetBlue reached out directly to customers, crewmembers and the more than 70 communities it served at the time to hear what was most important to them. With what it termedits CSR 2.


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