For PR, communications and marketing professionals, crisis is always lurking. And while no one can predict exactly when disaster will strike, knowing what to expect—and what to do if it does—can buy you precious time. Time, it turns out, is crucial...

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December, 2021

  • The Crisis Hot Zone: The Crisis Lessons of 2021: Truth, Empathy and Promptness
  • Buzz Box: Terms You Should Know
  • Data: 61% of PR Pros Ready for Crisis; Besides COVID, Top Worries: DEI, Cyber, Disinfo
  • Toolbox: Compliance Tools, Social Listening Help Internal Comms Pros in Crisis
  • Dialogue: Crisis PR Needs Diverse Talent in '22, Quick Response from Humanitarian Comms Pros
  • Crisis Averted: December's Crises Show Direct Approach Works Best