That’s Accountability? Pension Fund CEO Ousted After Cutting Line for Vaccine


It’s become one of the first topics when speaking with friends, family or colleagues, ‘Did you get the vaccine yet?’

Now that several vaccines are available, doses are akin to consumer goods, albeit they could determine life or death. As such, some people don’t want to wait to get jabbed.

Since we’re in a global pandemic, demand for vaccination is ubiquitous. Moreover, countries are using different methods to determine who gets vaccinated.

In the US, for example, getting a vaccine appointment may depend on your age, health, profession, digital skillset, income and where you live.

On top of that, the question of vaccine reluctance–some Americans don’t trust vaccines–is a factor. And there’s a racial component: In the initial rollout, to healthcare workers, Black people “significantly” trailed whites in getting vaccinated, Kaiser Health News reports. What makes this more troubling, of course, is that Black, Hispanic and Native Americans are dying from the virus at rates nearly three times those of Whites, CDC reports.


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