Give Your Workers a Fresh Storyline

Gary Grates

As many recent studies have concluded, employees have become the most credible and trusted communications advocates within an organization. Their opinions are believed to be trustworthy since they have the ability to see beyond the rhetoric. As such, employees have effectively become another (and possibly more lasting) bridge to the company’s soul. And this newfound importance of the workforce has placed some significant challenges on organizational balance.
From a corporate standpoint, senior managers have turned their attention to ensuring that their company’s strategy and direction is clear and understood. There are now many questions to explore, discuss and debate with regard to employee communications.
These questions include: What business are we actually in? Who are our competitors? Do we have a differentiated offering for customers? Are we exploiting our core competencies or strengths for competitive advantage? And perhaps the most important question: Are we making the right investments, including acquisitions, to bolster our position?
Having employees participate in such discussions allows people to make the argument themselves about various aspects of the business.


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