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The Social Impact Awards honor communicators who use their platforms for the betterment of their communities - as well as the global community at large – and the campaigns, initiatives, professionals, teams, rising stars, and lifetime pioneers that are helping to usher in a diverse, equitable future and redefine organizations’ role in the fight for global change. 

These awards strive to amplify the voices and talents of professionals from marginalized communities, serve as a celebration of the social efforts PR pros make every day to create a positive social impact, honor the commitments corporations are making via CSR to give back to communities, their employees and stakeholders, and recognize the talents that have revolutionized our field and that have broken down barriers for persons of color, disabled persons and the LGBTQIA2+ communities. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility Categories

  • CSR Leaders

      CSR Agency of the Year
      CSR Professional of the Year
      CSR Team of the Year
      Sustainability Leader of the Year
  • Organizational Mission

      Community Affairs
      Corporate CSR Program
      Corporate-Community Partnership
      Employee Development Initiative
      Employee Volunteer Program
      Scholarship Program
      Stakeholder Engagement
      ESG Program
  • Communications & Campaign Awards

      Sustainability/CSR Report
      Activism Campaign
      Cause Branding Campaign
      CSR Event
      CSR on a Shoestring Budget
      Global CSR
      Philanthropy Communications
      Pro-Bono Campaign
      Video Storytelling
      Social Good/Responsibility Campaign
      Human Rights Campaign
      Health/Public Safety Campaign
      Education Campaign
      Transparency or Trust Campaign/ Initiative
      Sustainability Campaign
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Categories

  • Pioneer Awards

      Asian/Asian Pacific Islander Pioneer
      Black Pioneer
      Indigenous Persons Pioneer
      Latinx Pioneer
      LGBTQIA2+ Pioneer
      Persons with Disabilities Pioneer
  • Diversity Leaders

      Ally Award
      Graduate Student of the Year
      HBCU Student of the Year
      Mentor of the Year
      Outstanding Educator of the Year
      Outstanding HBCU Educator of the Year
      Undergraduate Student of the Year
      Women's Empowerment Champion
  • Diversity Team

      Diversity Team of the Year
  • Organizational Mission

      Diversity & Inclusion Program
      Mentoring Program
      Recruiting Program
  • Communications & Campaign Awards

      Campaign by a Black-Owned Business
      Campaign by an AAPI Owned Business
      Campaign by a Latinx-Owned Business
      Campaign by a LGBTQIA2+ Owned Business
      Campaign by A Non-US Based Company
      Campaign by a Woman-Owned Business
      Diversity & Inclusion Campaign
      Diversity & Inclusion Series
      Diversity and Inclusion Event
      Foreign Language Campaign
      In-House Diversity and Inclusion Campaign
      LGBTQIA2+ Centered Campaign
      Most Impactful Response to Racial Injustice
      Mobility Campaign
  • Entry Fees

    CSR Awards

    Initial Entry: $425
    Additional Entries: $275
Late Fee: $199

    Diversity Awards

    Initial Entry: $249
    Additional Entries: $199
    Late Fee: $50

    Entry Guidelines

    October 8, 2021

    October 15, 2021

    All entries must be submitted by October 15, 2021. Finalists will be announced in 2022.

    Who's Eligible?

    The Social Impact Awards are open to all agency, corporation, nonprofit/association, and government organizations. National and international entries are accepted.

    Entry Fees

    • CSR Category Initial Entry: $425
    • Diversity Category Initial Entry: $249

    If you are submitting a secondary entry of the same campaign into any additional categories, they qualify for a discount. A late fee of will be applied to entries submitted between October 8 and 15. Payment in full must accompany the entry. Entry fees are not refundable.

    Submission Requirements


    All campaigns entered will be required to submit a synopsis describing campaign content including all of the following areas:

    • What was the goal of the campaign?

    • What metrics set the stage for the work your campaign sought out to do?

    • What was the thinking and the strategic approach behind your work?

    • What actions did your campaign take or how was your campaign implemented?

    • How was success measured for this campaign? What metrics show that this campaign performed well and met its goals?

    • Supporting Materials can include anything that best represents the success of your work. Examples include:

      • Websites
      • ROI Stats
      • Media Coverage
      • Press Materials
      • Testimonials
      • Research Documents
      • Videos
      • Photos

    Individual / TEam Awards

    Nominees for individual and team/agency awards will be required to submit the following:

    • Outline the reason why the nominee or team should be named a finalist.

    • Please provide some details of the nominee's role in the organization. Please include who the nominee reports to. How do they implement CSR or DEI in their work?

    • How has this person or team impacted their community? What metrics show their impact? How has this person shown dedication toward CSR or DEI?

    • Supporting Materials can include anything that best represents the success of your work. Examples include:

      • Websites
      • ROI Stats
      • Media Coverage
      • Press Materials
      • Testimonials
      • Research
      • Documents
      • Videos
      • Photos

    *NOTE: Each section of the application has a 300 word limit


    Who can enter?

    The Social Impact Awards are open to all individuals and teams worldwide at for-profit and non-profit organizations including corporations, PR agencies, public affairs and IR agencies, publicity firms, associations, government, and NGO teams, and sole practitioners.

    How are the entries judged?

    We evaluate your entry based on creativity, innovation, sound planning implementation, results as well as proven impact on the communities targeted. Judges will evaluate campaigns on the innovativeness of execution and idea as well as the impressiveness of the results.  For Teams, Individuals and Agencies, judges will be looking for an X-factor and the noteworthiness of their accomplishments and background (both professional and extracurricular).

    What are the eligibility requirements?

    To be eligible, the campaign or initiative must have taken place (either in part or in full) between January 20, 2020, and September 17, 2021. Some of the work must have occurred during this time, but it’s not necessary for it to be completed during the eligibility period.

    How do I increase my chances of winning an award?

    Emphasize the goals of your campaign, as well as your campaign’s achievements in your synopsis. Provide as many concrete and specific examples of success as possible, and explain clearly and succinctly your research, planning, implementation and measurement of the campaign. For people and team categories use metrics to specifically outline achievements and explain the impact of the person or team's overall work. Highlight the individual or teams unique qualities and how they use those to create landmark campaigns.

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