How to Gain Credibility—From Blog to eBook


Think of your route to an eBook as a pyramid, with content layered on top of each other—all of it to be repurposed and promoted on a variety of platforms—culminating at the top as a finished book.

There is something about being a published author that raises credibility with the news media. Perhaps because so many reporters, editors, producers and hosts have either written books (or wish they could have), an individual with a topical book credit seems inherently more newsworthy, as well as more credible.
Today’s social networks have created an easy and ideal platform for both creating and “pre-selling” a topical non-fiction book, making it far easier for a supportive PR exec to turn a client or member of the C-suite into a respected and credible author.
Following a pyramid approach (see the graphic)—building content on top of content—this can be accomplished in few easy steps.
1. Plan the book. Come up with a topic and a title for the book, defining the information to share and the market to reach. Then create a table of contents for the book that is at least seven to nine chapters long. The first chapter will tell the readers what the book is going to cover. The middle chapters will present the real and in-depth content. Finally, the final chapter serves as a summary.


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