It’s No Longer Optional for Businesses to Remain Neutral on Social-Political Causes

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Jeanette JordanChief Marketing & Communications OfficerKapor Center

[Editor’s Note: The Kapor Center (pronounced Kay-por) intends to make the technology and entrepreneurship sectors more diverse and inclusive. It believes that when tech leaders reflect the country’s diversity, they will help close gaps and disparities. We spoke with Jeanette Jordan, Kapor’s new chief marketing and communications officer, about its 100 Days of Action campaign and how other organizations can, and should, take a stand against racial injustice.]


PRNEWS: You started at the Kapor Center shortly after the George Floyd protests, at what felt like a turning point. How intentional was your start date?

Jeanette Jordan: The Floyd protests [happened] after I accepted the offer…My impetus for joining was related to

COVID-19, which hit people of color really hard. I felt that this was an opportunity for me to be in a position to help, hire and direct work to people of color.

People may be familiar with one aspect of the Center, but are unaware of how multifaceted we are. We have a VC arm, Kapor Capital, which is focused on social impact investing.

Then we have Kapor Center, which is synonymous with our foundation...We also have tech workplace initiatives focused on advancing inclusion for Black and Latinx talent in the tech industry through connections, community and empowering employees to do pioneering work.

Finally, but maybe most important, is our SMASH program, our 9-12-grade STEM education program, usually done on college campuses.


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