How Klein Tools Used Videos to Calm Flare-Ups About Global Manufacturing

Greg Palese, VP, Marketing, Klein Tools

Since 1857, Klein Tools has assisted professionals by designing and manufacturing hand tools. What began in Mathias Klein’s forge shop in Chicago has become a globally recognized manufacturer.

For 160 years, the brand created and manufactured tools in the United States.
The Issue
As the company continues to grow and expand, however, it faces the challenge of being unable to manufacture every tool on home soil.

Despite many tools used in electrical work that are manufactured in Klein Tools’ U.S. plants, the brand’s target audience reacted poorly to the company’s global expansion, which had it making some tools outside the U.S.

Often the company’s growth is perceived as betraying its American roots, which causes “brush fires” on social media that demand a lot of attention and quick action to mitigate.
As a proactive measure against these flare-ups, Klein Tools decided to mount a video campaign.

Faced with the challenge of evolving the perception of Klein Tools and reinforcing the company’s commitment to the U.S.


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