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April, 2021

April 2021 PRN Cover
  • 3 Ways Communicators at SaaS Companies Can Make the Case for PR
  • Have ‘Acknowledge, Apologize and Address’ Run Their Course as a PR Crisis Response?
  • Can Public Relations Save the Planet? Explore History to Find Out
  • Deploy Four Communication Styles to Help Craft Emails That Will Succeed in Any Culture
  • A Case for Research: ‘Begin Simply and Simply Begin’
  • ‘Love of our Brand’ Prompts Ninja’s Choice of a Micro-Influencer for its Smoothie Bowl Sommelier
  • A Pharmaceutical Company Helps Epileptic Patients’Speak’; via Music and Paintings
  • Despite Positive Sentiment for Baseball’s Return, 2021 Consumer Engagement Drops 14% vs 2020
  • Back to Work: How to Communicate Reopening Offices and Businesses

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