How McDonald’s Uses a Former Superhero to Raise Awareness and Sales of Its Dollar Menu

Often we look at campaigns after they’ve concluded, in a case study format. This week we’re taking a different approach, examing a pilot program to see how a McDonald’s campaign comes to life.

Beginning last month with a pilot in Houston, the effort known as “¡Síganme los Buenos!” (Good guys, follow my lead!) aimed to drive traffic and lift sales in the Hispanic market around the company’s new Dollar Menu, which features items at $1, $2 and $3.

An Unusual Issue
While most case studies begin with a difficulty—the brand is a startup in a saturated market and needs to get its product in front of the public, for example—the situation is different here.

McDonald’s considers itself “the No. 1 fast-food choice among Hispanic consumers,” Jano Cabrera, SVP, corporate relations at McDonald’s, says. Still, it “never takes that position for granted,” he adds. A campaign for the new menu aims to do what McDonald’s strives for routinely: “to surprise and delight our guests in ways that resonate with them,” Cabrera says.

Still, in America, fast food choices seem limitless. Accordingly, McDonald’s believes it needs to break through the clutter much as any other brand would try to do.


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