Media Pitching Lessons From the Purring Engine of GM’s PR Team

Last week it happened again.

Every time I deliver my Pitching Boot Camp and teach PR pros how to grab the fleeting attention of today’s media influencers, somebody approaches me with the same weird observation.

Recently it was a PR rep from a huge government organization. He said, “This is all great, but I don’t have any problems getting media attention. They’re calling me every day.”

What a huge opportunity he is missing!

Whether you’re at a big brand or a small one, it’s not solely about the volume of stories that include you. It’s whether you can place the stories you want told.

Michael Smart, Principal, Michael Smart PRther you can place the stories you want told.

A few months ago, I got an inside look how things work when you approach the “quantity and quality” issue from the proper perspective.

I was conducting training for the North American communications team at General Motors, #8 on the Fortune 500.

The media members this team pitches probably see General Motors products every day.


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