SolarWinds, Peloton Show Importance of Seeing Crisis as Long-Term Endeavor

A school of thought argues that a crisis never ends. Reminders can crop up years later. And digital technology now makes it easy to find and post words, images and video of long-ago crises.

Then there are a few crises that actually don’t end. At this moment, it’s not easy to see the pandemic ending.

And the frequency of cyberattacks against large targets makes it seem cybercrime will never end. As we went to press, Accenture admitted Aug. 11 it was hacked.

While cybercrime has existed for years, it seems it started late last year with the SolarWinds mess.

Since linked to agents of Russia’s SVR intelligence agency, SolarWinds broke through last Christmas, when news coverage was all-COVID-19, all the time. Its potential for disruption spread to 33,000 public and private customers, as well as U.S.


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