Why PR Should be Part of Your Start-Up’s Initial Investments

[Editor's Note: As part of our Industry Spotlight series, PRNEWS talked to brands and publicists in the direct-to-consumer space. Click here for a previous industry spotlight.]

With the flood of new direct-to-consumer brands to market, some startup founders might question whether they need, or could vastly benefit from, PR.  (The case study of the Super League’s doomed start might provide some extra emphasis on the need for a launch strategy and narrative).

As entrepreneurs evaluate their business strategies and budgets for how to launch and grow their brands, where to spend branding dollars is among the top of the list. With so many areas to consider, from digital ads to social media content, one that may feel a bit more elusive is PR.

“By and large, brands understand that they need exposure and increased awareness among consumers,” says Jennifer Bett Meyer, founder of Jennifer Bett Communications (JBC), an agency focused on digitally native, direct-to-consumer brands. “When brands launch, we see a lot of companies focus specifically on paid media opportunities, inclusive of social media ads and influencer marketing, as well as sponsorships. Those … certainly lend a hand in getting your brand out there; however, by taking this approach alone, brands are not able to shape their own narrative.”

Tell Your Story

“Today’s consumers … want to know the stories behind the brands they’re supporting. They want to connect with the people behind the brands,” adds Meyer. “Storytelling is such a crucial part of what hooks the consumer and ultimately grows your business.


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