Public Trusts Doctors and Scientists, Distrusts Politicians, Ad Execs

As Crisis Insider readers know, there’s nothing better than a heavily filled trust bank to help stanch the worst reputation hits from a PR crisis. Still, trust remains a nebulous concept. Certainly, we’ve reported on companies that claim they can measure trust. Still, they all have one thing in common: the particular metrics that constitute each company’s version of trust remain a tightly guarded secret.

Still, we move ahead, continuing to swim in the pool of trust measurement. For instance, earlier this month a new edition of a survey from Ipsos, its 2022 Trustworthiness Index, provides more evidence that measurement and data are critical parts of communication. Until you measure, you’re merely guessing.

It was so in the fifth edition of this yearly survey that examines trust in professions across 28 countries. The survey polled 21,515 adults younger than 75 between May 27 and June 10.


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