Question 1 From Influencers You Pitch: What Audience Can You Deliver?

A newsworthy pitch is no longer enough.

Journalists (and especially bloggers) want you to bring something else to the table: an audience.

For now, this isn’t something most of them speak of openly. But when staffers at venerable titans like the New York Times or WSJ open up, they admit writers are under pressure to earn page views just like everyone else. Has this knowledge changed how you pitch?
What can you do for me?
It’s become part of the journalist’s editorial calculations by necessity. If they cover you, how many page views can you deliver to them?

Michael Smart, principal, Michael Smart PR

Podcasters are pretty blatant about this. They interview people who already have big followings—either via social media or email lists—because they know the thought leader will then push the link to the podcast out to his or her lists and say, “Hey, I was on this podcast the other day, check it out.” And then the podcaster will get more downloads and be able to present that higher number to advertisers.

You also remember this from when blogs were still on the upswing: Bloggers would guest-post for each other, then go back to their own blogs and direct their followers over to the other blog site, bumping up page views.


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