Smartphones, Tablets: the Public’s New Best Friends; Lack of Localization Impedes Communications Campaigns

Mobile Users Get Friendly with Devices: We see it on the subway, in restaurants, in theaters—just about everywhere: Head down, staring at the small screen. Now, a survey by Citrix of 1,000-plus American smartphone and tablet owners confirms it: Americans admit to spending almost every waking minute with their mobile devices, whether checking news and social-media feeds first thing each morning, eating every meal with device in hand or watching reality TV shows in secret. The study reveals how deep the relationship between human and machine can run, even trumping the relationships people have with their families. Specific findings include:

• Seventy percent of smartphone and tablet owners actively choose to stream content on a mobile device rather than a computer.

• Asked about the primary reason for using their mobile devices, 64% of survey respondents said “to keep myself from being bored.” The next most popular reason, “to bring friends or family together,” was cited by just 32% of respondents, which indicates that Americans may prefer quality time with a mobile device to hanging out with “real” friends.


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