Social Sharing Comes Down to Trust; Too Many Brands Still Take Dim View of Employee Value Proposition Plans

It’s peak travel season, with a high volume of travelers, which means a higher volume of flight delays and frustrated consumers. Twitter, of course, is a surefire way for travelers to reach out (and complain) to the airliners. According to an exclusive study conducted by Simply Measured, some carriers are better then others at keeping in touch with customers through Twitter (which recently went public). As the chart indicates, American Airlines (58%), United (35%) and JetBlue (35%) are your best bets for getting a response. But if you are using Delta, Southwest or FlyFrontier you are probably out of luck—at least if you’re relying on Twitter for a response. A bit curious considering it’s one of the busiest times of the year. How soon before the ability to respond swiftly to consumer inquiries via social channels (whatever the time of year) becomes a cost of entry for brands big and small?

▶ Which Medium Earns the Most Trust? Nearly than 9 out of 10 Americans (86%) trust recommendations from people they know, according to a new survey released by Social Media Link.
That is nearly twice the trust they give to traditional media channels. Social Media Link took the pulse of more than 10,000 social media users and found that the best way to win them over is to get a better sense of their personal social connections.
The study also revealed the follow digital consumer preferences:
• Social media is the most trusted media platform (92%), followed by email (50%), TV, print and outdoor ads (47%) and radio (42%).


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