Adidas and Beyond Meat Prove Time is Your Enemy in a PR Crisis

In a PR crisis, time is your enemy. Preparedness and prompt action are your friends. Recently, I looked though PowerPoint decks from a dozen or more years ago when I stumbled across one from 2009. It compared pre-social media PR to post-social PR rules.

The infamous Domino’s pizza video was the biggest PR crisis of 2009. At the time, Domino's didn’t even have a social media presence. Its PR team was blissfully unaware and completely unprepared for the nightmare that would unfold.

The offending videos posted April 13, 2009, a Monday. By Tuesday, millions had watched the videos. The company's reputation was in a dumpster fire that would take years to extinguish.

Back then I told readers that brands had about 3 hours before a social post became a crisis. Today, it’s about 3 minutes.


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