Invention-First PR Earns a New Spot at the Table

[Editor’s Note: Adam Ritchie, principal, Adam Ritchie Brand Direction, has a radical approach to PR he calls Invention-First PR. We asked him how and why it works.]

PRNEWS: What is Invention-First PR?

Adam RitchiePrincipalAdam Ritchie Brand Direction

Adam Ritchie: An invention-first approach is an audacious yet rational application of PR. The generation before us fought for a place at the table. We’re...inventing a table.

Invention in PR means coming up with a compelling product or service, as conceptualized and filtered through the lens of a PR pro. It uses the same knowledge, skills and abilities PR pros have applied for years.

It springs from the fact that PR lives or dies based on the success or failure of the products and services it supports. In addition, Invention-First PR corrects the unfairness of PR being evaluated on something over which it rarely has input. PR often stands at the end of the product conveyor belt and reactively waits for whatever falls into its hands.


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