Stories by Stacy Adams


When We Return to the Office, Internal Communication will Rise Again

July 26th, 2021 by

As they did during the outset of the pandemic, internal communication once again will take center stage as companies get set to re-open offices. An emphasis on the basics of good communication will rule the day.

Matching CSR with Corporate Values

July 22nd, 2021 by

For some consumers, a great product isn’t enough. When given an option, they’ll choose something from companies whose social purposes align with their values. Based on content during PRNEWS’ Media Relations Virtual Event, this trend… Continued

A Checklist for an Effective Crisis Communication Plan

July 20th, 2021 by

If you don’t have a crisis communication plan with designated strategies, roles, actions and follow-up, you will be hopelessly behind before the trouble starts. What follows are tips to serve as guides to best practices, and, depending on your level of acquaintance with crisis management, I hope they are helpful as new ideas, refreshers, jumping-off points, a checklist or a combination.

woman smiling working at computer

PR Pros: Let’s Be Builders, Not Fixers

July 15th, 2021 by

We’re living in a time of company callouts. Companies are speaking more frequently on social and political issues because some customers want to purchase from, and partner with, businesses that take stands. Yet one wrong move and social media will blast a company for statements perceived as clueless or hypocritical.

Getting Your Social Media Reports and You Out of a Rut

July 14th, 2021 by

It’s time that social media managers admit our dirty little secret. You know. It’s the thing nagging at you that you’re not sure how to fix. It’s often overlooked, but it may be slowing your… Continued

How PR Pros Can Prepare for Climate Communication

July 9th, 2021 by

Climate again is gaining in media coverage and public interest. The subject is gaining momentum in several venues, including at companies. Communicators need to be prepared.

On July 4, PR Pros are Freedom Fighters Against Disinformation

July 1st, 2021 by

There are a slew of responsibilities on the PR pro’s plate. Yet helping to slow the spread of disinformation must rank high on communicator’s list of priorities. As we celebrate July 4th, it’s important to see PR pros as freedom fighters against disinformation.

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Your CEO is a Dog: 11 Ways Great Leaders Resemble Man’s Best Friend

June 25th, 2021 by

Bosses are like dogs in the best ways, our writer argues. Like a dog filled with energy and curiosity, a CEO who is an interested and engaged communicator is more likely to try things outside traditional parameters and grow the company.


Effective Communication Can Overcome Vaccine Avoidance

June 23rd, 2021 by

The coronavirus vaccines were supposed to bring an end to the pandemic. Yet vaccine resistance continues to claim a significant portion of the population. Former Porter Novelli president Bill Novelli says communication can work, but it must overcome politics, distrust and misinformation.

Three Tactics for Getting Noticed in a Post-COVID-19 Landscape

June 11th, 2021 by

The author argues that post-pandemic communication should feature empathy, compelling digital experiences and positive messaging to induce behavior change.