Stories by Sophie Maerowitz

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A Peek Inside a Crisis War Room From Chicago Navy Pier’s Top Communicator

February 23rd, 2021 by

We hear from Payal Patel, communications director at Chicago’s Navy Pier on her communications philosophy, building a crisis communications war room and PR’s role in the tourism industry’s recovery.

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For Hilton, Crisis Planning and Flexibility Prove Key in Uncertain Times

February 9th, 2021 by

Nigel Glennie, VP, global communications at Hilton, offers insight into the communication side of the hard-hit travel and tourism industry and a preview of what he’ll be sharing during PRNEWS’ Crisis Management Virtual Event next month.

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Sephora Cuts Ties With Divisive Influencer in PR Tradeoff

February 1st, 2021 by

On January 6 at 2:55 p.m.—about 20 minutes after insurrectionists breached the Capitol building—beauty influencer Amanda Ensing tweeted, “There’s not enough popcorn in the world for what’s about to happen.” Ensing has long been vocal about her political and religious views on social media. Sephora, partnered with the influencer on a skincare campaign, was forced to answer for its choice of brand ambassador.

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As Law Enforcement Faces Tough Questions, Truth is Best PR Asset

January 11th, 2021 by

There are many lessons from the violence on Capitol Hill January 6. For PR pros, one of the biggest takeaways is the need for prompt and transparent communication during a crisis. DC Police, Capitol Police and federal law enforcement remained relatively silent initially, allowing others to create narratives.

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‘Bean Dad’ Offers First PR Lesson of 2021

January 4th, 2021 by

Podcast host and musician John Roderick, now known to the Twitterverse as “Bean Dad,” found his parenting philosophy under fire over the weekend, following a viral Jan. 2 (now-deleted) 23-tweet thread. Here are some PR takeaways from Roderick’s and podcast co-host Ken Jennings’ responses to the viral blowback.

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Microsoft’s SolarWinds Breach Response Offers a Cybersecurity PR Blueprint

December 21st, 2020 by

Given the breadth of the recent SolarWinds hack, PR pros’ 2021 crisis plans would do well to include a cybersecurity response. To file away for your reference when (not if) that day comes, here are some communications takeaways from organizations responding to the hack to date, including Microsoft and CISA.

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5 Trends That Defined Social Media Communications in 2020

December 17th, 2020 by

PRNEWS asks the PR community for their take on standout social media developments in 2020, from TikTok to LinkedIn Live.

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Biden Picks Offer PR Lessons for New Leadership Announcements

December 16th, 2020 by

As hiring freezes are (hopefully) lifted amid the COVID vaccine’s arrival and (hopefully) economic rebound, the Biden team’s latest cabinet announcements raise a timely question for PR pros: How should brands announce new or incoming leadership?

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How Internal Communicators are Fighting Employee Burnout and Zoom Fatigue

November 5th, 2020 by

As quarantine stretched on, virtual happy hours and video-call dinners with family and friends tended to become less exciting. Similarly, as work-from-home continues, the push is on for internal communicators to keep things fresh at the virtual office. Here are tips for a fresh approach to internal communication months into the pandemic.

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In a Nail-Biting Election Week, What’s the PR Game Plan?

November 4th, 2020 by

With the mainstream media laser-focused on election coverage, how should communicators be spending their time? We asked PR professionals how they’re managing the lack of status quo externally and internally. Here’s what they told us.