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Majority of PRNEWS readers polled say they will use TikTok despite impending bans.

Despite Possible Ban, Majority of Brand Communicators Continue to Use TikTok

March 21st, 2023 by

To TikTok or not to TikTok? That is the current question many brands and organizations face as rumors swirl that the United States federal government may put a nationwide ban on the popular app. 

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The Role of PR in a Post-Search World

March 20th, 2023 by

As AI continues to intermediate more channels, brands must focus on building mindshare to ensure they remain top of mind for consumers. This means that when users ask a large language model about a specific brand or product, they are more likely to receive directly relevant and clickable links.

businessman hand offer megaphone for employee to speak out.

Why Employee Advocacy is Critical to Your Social Media Strategy

March 1st, 2023 by

One of the most effective, but oftentimes underutilized, strategies that can significantly broaden an organization’s reach on social media is the implementation of a coordinated employee advocacy program.

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How the Ad Council Vets Influencers and Measures their Impact on Campaigns

February 27th, 2023 by

Ahead of the PRNEWS Influencer Marketing virtual seminar, we caught up with speaker Elena Havas Taylor, Director, Creators for Good, Ad Council to discuss vetting influencers and measuring their impact.

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Acquiring Leadership Buy-In to Test on Social Platforms

February 20th, 2023 by

PenFed Digital’s Andrea McCarren talks to us about testing new social platforms, explaining strategy to leadership and the challenges to building content for a variety of platforms on a regular basis.


Brands: Back Off from BeReal

February 20th, 2023 by

In the increasingly challenging quest for better connections with younger consumers, brands may be making a big mistake by jumping on the BeReal trend.

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TikTok Sees Highest Growth in Engagement on Sports-Related Content

February 6th, 2023 by

With the Super Bowl approaching, we examined consumer engagement with sports social posts. Most platforms were higher in 2022 vs 2021. TikTok was the big gainer year vs year.

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Engagement on B2B Social Posts Down 17% YOY

January 5th, 2023 by

To kick off the year, we examine topics that garnered the most engagement in B2B posts in 2022. The total number of actions on B2B posts decreased 17 percent year-over-year.

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Mixing Tech and Elbow Grease Help Find Trusted Influencers

January 4th, 2023 by

Vetting is always important in influencer relationships. It’s vitally so when influencers dispense information about health and finance. Here are several tips for finding trustworthy influencers and monitoring them.

A Winning Formula for Media Placements: SEO, Backlinks and ‘BEO’

December 7th, 2022 by

PR pros know using unethical shortcuts to gain earned media isn’t useful long-term. Instead, add Brain Engine Optimization (BEO) and backlinks to your SEO toolkit makes for a much better approach.