Corporate Values, Relationships with Staff and Customers are Keys to Surviving Any Crisis

covid-19 crowd of people in masks

Michael MonahanPresident & CEOMoxé

With so many sheltering in place or at least migrating back home, it’s fitting that Michael Monahan is the new president/CEO of Moxé. The veteran PR pro has spent more than two decades away from his native central FL as a brand communicator, including with several Fortune 1000 companies.

In an interview, Monahan emphasized that PR’s basics haven’t changed much during the pandemic. Concentrating on your people and the companies you represent remain the keys, he said, though the circumstances, inside and outside the office, may have changed. Indeed, we jumped at the chance to interview Monahan, in part, because he and his team have worked in their offices for several months.

PRNEWS: Imagine a company comes to you and says, ‘Should we re-do our crisis plan [since we’re in a global pandemic]?’ What do you tell them?

Michael Monahan: Well, if you’re not re-evaluating your crisis plan regularly, you are doing yourself a disservice and it’s not going to be a good crisis plan.

So, I would ask, ‘When is the last time you looked at [your crisis plan]?’ If it’s been longer than three months, I would recommend they read it and perhaps make some adjustments to it because some of your protocols may have changed. Some of your procedural elements may have changed. Some of the emergency contacts may have changed.


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