How PR, Data and Authentic Reporting Help Convey ESG’s Value and Avoid Greenwashing

Let’s be clear: ESG is not a PR endeavor.

Applying metrics to operational and cultural standards is an ethical and business imperative. And it should drive business strategy.

However, communicators play a critical role in facilitating ESG adoption internally. In addition, they relay goals and performance externally.

Moreover, with organizations rightly under fire for 'greenwashing,' communicators have a responsibility for substantiating public ESG claims with evidence and action. While the upside for reputation associated with ESG commitments is strong, the risk of neglecting them is stronger.

As such, communicators who understand ESG risks and opportunities can help companies create, achieve and publicize goals and initiatives for sustainable success. Below are some things they should consider:
Put Communication at the Center of ESG Strategy
Like nearly everything else in PR, authenticity is integral to effective ESG. After all, goals are easier to achieve when they align with company values and the communities you touch.

Companies that are unsure about connecting ESG values with operations may benefit from internal surveys. These should assess employees' most pressing ESG issues.


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