How a Pizza Store Chain Slices Its Internal Communications Pie

Myranda Grim, PR/Comms Manager, Cottage Inn Pizza

Many people think of communication as a simple process, merely a series of statements and responses. They probably have never tried reaching hundreds or thousands of people. Such communication can grow cumbersome and complex.

As a corporate communicator, I find it helpful to remind myself that no matter what I’m doing, at the root of it I am having a conversation with my coworkers. I also try to remember that we’re just people having a discussion.

Corporate conversations can mold internal culture. That’s because in addition to to exchanging information or news, conversation can create a connection between people. In managing communication for home-office employees and a network of franchisees in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and China, I’ve tracked my most successful efforts back to the following core strategies.
Remain Consistent
Arguably, being consistent with communication is essential in any industry. I have found it’s critical to have a system that is predictable and reliable, particularly for our franchise network. Both our franchise and corporate communities depend on consistency for updates on things such as product information, marketing, sales achievements, events and growth.

When communicating updates, we make sure messaging and accessibility are consistent.


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