Engagement Falls 10% YTD for B2Cs, 30% for B2Bs (Jan-Nov 2019)

While social media isn’t yet old enough to be considered conventional, several traditions and best-practices have developed.

In the ‘old’ days of social, which weren’t long ago, having the largest audience was almost all that mattered.

The industry has matured. While a gaudy audience figure still counts for something, the metric is just one of several savvy communicators and marketers use to assess a brand’s social media success. Generally, a best practice is to be wary of any effort that touts a single metric without surrounding context.
Many Metrics
In the charts on pages 15 and 16, which data partner Shareablee provides exclusively to PRNEWS, you can see the importance of a large audience. Still, audience size during the first 11 months of 2019 (Jan. 1-Nov 24) is but one factor when it comes to the rankings of top social brands.

For example, Red Bull’s audience of 62 million dwarfs that of the top-ranked social brand, Fashion Nova (18 million), yet the energy drink is number 8 on our list in terms of actions, or consumer engagement.

In these charts, actions is defined as the sum of likes, retweets, comments and shares on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Fashion Nova Takes Top Spot
Fashion Nova, the leader, combines a solid audience size with a plethora of posts (22,000) and it gets a very respectable number of actions per piece of content (13,000). Moreover, nobody is within hailing distance of its total consumer engagement figure.


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