Taking Crisis Out of the Boardroom and Giving It a Human Face

Crisis Averted: PR Strategies to Protect Your Reputation and the Bottom Line,

By Evan Nierman

172 pp. Advantage. $29.99.


When you start a PR campaign, the first task is deciding on goals. It’s the same with book writing. And with so many titles about PR crisis available, an aspiring author must decide at the outset what revelation a new volume will provide.

While this short, introductory book from Evan Nierman contains mostly standard crisis advice, the novelty is whom he’s attempting to reach and how his insights are presented.

Many PR books address crises and situations at large companies, using examples from the headlines. The usual list includes Equifax, BP, Boeing, United Airlines, among others.

This book, though, seems aimed elsewhere. Its main beneficiaries are owners of small businesses, with limited or no background in PR or media relations.


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