Discarding Crisis PR Tenets That Were Effective During the Ice Age

August 10th, 2022 by

It’s great to have experienced crisis communicators. Yet some traditional crisis response tactics no longer work. Here are a few.

monkeypox suffering from poor communications tactics

Monkeypox Suffers from a Lack of Communication

August 9th, 2022 by

If medical information about monkeypox is not getting out to the right people, or even getting out at all, disinformation will spread. 

Capital One Communicator Details Company’s Measurement Approach

August 8th, 2022 by

Capital One communicator Kara Taylor shares her measurement plan. It includes quarterly reviews and rates and percentages over raw numbers.

Despite Disagreement Over Length, Academics and Communicators Say Writing Remains Top Skill

August 7th, 2022 by

Length matters. While good writing is good writing, PR professors and communicators differ over short- and long-form’s dominance.

A graphic of question marks provides the background art for our PRNEWS Explainer series which starts with what is an ERG?

Explainer: What is an ERG?

August 4th, 2022 by

We look at the definition, breakdown and best practices for communicators regarding ERGs or Employee Resource Groups.

NFTs Offer Limitless Potential for Marketers, But They Must Mature First

August 4th, 2022 by

NFTs now are the purview of the rich and famous. When NFTs’ days of being too cool for school end, they’ll be marketing vehicles. And free.

Virtual Influencers Offer Advantages, but They’re Not Plug ‘n’ Play

August 3rd, 2022 by

AI-enabled virtual influencers should offer brands better safety and targeting abilities. Yet, in the metaverse, ‘life’ isn’t always simple.

You Need the Chicken and the Egg: Quelling Illusions of Content Analysis

August 2nd, 2022 by

Common wisdom says PR pros must choose humans or machines when conducting media content analysis. The common wisdom is wrong.

Coordinating PR and Marketing to Avoid Unwise Ad Placement and Reputation Damage

August 2nd, 2022 by

In a politically divided world, ads can land in places that embarrass companies, causing reputation damage. PR and marketing must coordinate.

Crisis-Response Statements Are Never Like Garanimals

August 2nd, 2022 by

A strong, crisis message is heartfelt and genuine. As such, it should not come from a catalog of words and phrases, our writer argues.