Tools Help Track Disinformation from Its Sources as They Try to ‘Slow the Spread’

Hop on over to Facebook and check out a friend or family member’s post about COVID-19, masks or the vaccine. Everyone has a different opinion, defending those opinions with ‘facts’ they’ve heard ‘elsewhere.’ Facebook, as well as other social media channels, works like the old game of telephone among public update feeds, and it is one of the ways disinformation spreads rapidly.

The good news is that PR is working on tools and processes to curb the spread of disinformation. PR trade groups and agencies recognize disinformation as an issue that clouds their clients’ messaging.

Recently Ruder Finn and Edelman joined the ranks of those offering tools to combat disinformation and identify sources of some of the noise. The tools take similar approaches to disinformation in that they go beyond traditional social media monitoring. Both eye fringe sites and platforms on the dark web. In addition, they attempt to understand the sources of disinformation and spike narratives early, before they’ve had a chance to spread.


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