Measurement’s Biggest Obstacle? Getting Budget for Analytics Tools

Pick your measurement maxim: ‘What gets measured, gets done,’ ‘Without measurement, you’re just guessing,’ or the popular, ‘What’s not measured cannot be improved.’

While measurement is showing real value in PR and communications, too often it’s an afterthought. Some simply avoid measurement. As IPR Measurement Commission chair Mark Weiner wrote here last month, “Measurement continues to vex our profession and stunt its potential. This is due largely to communicators who choose not to measure....”

Yet, as C-suite members continue to demand data before they make decisions, PR is hurting itself when it fails to provide it. As Weiner wrote, “In the absence of a robust calculable PR foundation, investments will continue to go to those who can and do provide the necessary data, and PR will continue to struggle.”

Measurement need not be complicated. Even conducting a basic survey with your target audience can provide important insights. For example, assume conventional wisdom says your company is great at customer service. Survey your audience. You might find that its members actually think your customer service is rather poor.


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