10 Questions You Need to Answer as the 2020 Budgeting Season Beckons

Along with Measurement Month, it’s the time of year when PR evaluation and funding questions arise for 2020. Executives who invest in PR are becoming more discriminating, so we must clearly make our case using the language of the boardroom, not just the language of PR.

Further complicating matters, beyond past accomplishments, we need to communicate what could be gained through the use of additional resources. Despite new technology that enable almost everyone to produce data, charts and reports, proving the value of PR endures as one of the profession’s most vexing challenges.

One difficulty with proving business value is that values are subjective. What’s more, values change not only from organization to organization, but from person to person within the same organization. As such, the first step in communicating PR value in is to uncover the often secret value system extant among the executives involved in planning, funding and evaluating your program. After that, address points they consider top priorities.
A Systematic Approach
As you prepare for 2020, try a systematic approach to discover the ways your internal clients define PR success and the extent to which you’re achieving it now.

Structured one-on-one conversations with internal stakeholders will reveal preferences and expectations by which you will be later evaluated. Having an objective third party conduct such conversations is preferable.

Questions may include those which probe: best PR measures (from clipping volume to revenue generation); how you’re performing on these measures vs.


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