From Survive to Thrive: Staff Engagement Tips for 2021

staff engagement

As the world continues to rock and reel through concurrent stressors, companies need to reset and reevaluate their employee experience. In the wake of change and uncertainty, employee engagement programs are failing to meet employee needs.

It’s easy to understand why. There’s not an organization anywhere that’s escaped the pandemic and few signs point to us going back to what we considered normal soon.

Now the question is: How do we move from survive to thrive while continuing to live and work in uncertainty?

With fewer than 20 percent of leaders prioritizing investment addressing emotional health, equity & inclusion and culture, part of the communicator’s mission in 2021 is to find ways to inspire creativity, positivity and hope, and help employees find balance.

There are key questions organizations and communicators need to reflect on as they move forward:

How can we cultivate collective strength?
How can we stay committed to core values and beliefs?
How can we maintain and strengthen culture while working remotely and apart?
How can we encourage connection when distancing?
How can we support employees’ well-being?

Even before COVID-19, there was demand for a new way to lead, communicate and work—one grounded in continual dialogue with all stakeholders.


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