Infiniti Says Kate Hudson Film Speaks to ‘Misunderstood’ Target Market

[Editor’s Note: Car companies traditionally unveil vehicles with TV commercials, at auto shows or with a press conference. For the QX60 SUV introduction, INFINITI is making a foray into the short-film genre, something several brands are doing. To produce a crescendo, for weeks INFINITI has teased media and customers about its short film, starring Kate Hudson. Zack Snyder is the director. At 1pm ET, tomorrow (June 23) the film will debut on YouTube. In its research for the QX60 introduction, INFINITI found 70+ percent of luxury car customers feel automakers don’t understand them. We asked Phil York, INFINITI’s GM, global brand and marketing, about that finding, the short film and how he’d market a product without a Kate Hudson-sized budget. A revised version of this interview will appear in the July 2021 edition of PRNEWS.]

PRNEWS: There’s a lot to unpack. First, you found third-party and internal research that more than 70 percent of your target customers feel premium automotive brands do not understand them. That seems incredible in this era when companies seem to know so much about customers.

Did that finding come as a surprise or is it a given that the luxury car sector doesn’t understand the majority of its customers?


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