How to Pitch Successfully During the Content Marketing Revolution

Michael Smart, Principal, Michael Smart PR

Knowing I specialize in boosting pitching results, people sometimes ask me if I think content marketing is making pitching less relevant.

They’re wondering about this due to the growth of brand journalism, where companies create their content simply to attract eyeballs and raise awareness.

When CMOs go to conferences or watch Gary Vaynerchuk videos, they are being told: “Look at the industry publications and sites that your customers subscribe to, and then put those outlets out of business.”

So if brands are seeking to attract customers directly to their own material, why bother to jump through the hoops of refining your ability to pitch stories to anyone else?

It was a fair question in the early years of the content marketing revolution.

But those anticipating the demise of pitching are ignoring the future. They’re also unknowingly constraining their own potential by limiting their view of what pitching really is.
The Real Future of Brand Journalism
Here’s the deal: Yes, over the coming years, some brand journalism sites will achieve significant influence in their industries. But those editors are going to be clamoring for ideas and experts and content just like traditional media sites do now. And that’s where you come in.
The More Things Change, The More...
Actually, it’s already happening.


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